Sinful Sunday: ride

Sinful Sunday

Why sit when you can ride?


[I finally caved and joined Twitter: @SexIsMyNewHobby]

Edit: I made it into the Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up! Here’s what guest judge Indy Jones of The Shingle Beach had to say:

I once tried doing something like this, and just got stuck. Bah.
It’s very clever making the chair the focus of the image. Does anyone else see twin stylised female figures in the negative space created by its back piece? And then, *just* out of focus, the more subtle, but more beautiful, figure of our real subject – and that tantalising glimpse of nipple.

21 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: ride

  1. Whoo hooo, welcome to twitter…. and I love this series of images you took in this chair. The relationship between the shape of your body and the shape of the chair is such an interesting visual combination



  2. I love these chair pics and this is my favorite so far. The window frame with the sunlight coming through is a beautiful touch, the placement of your hand, the shapes, all perfect!


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