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I often find it a bit challenging to come up with a photo that fits with the Boobday theme, but for “kinky” I had more ideas than I could use. But then I had less light and patience, so it all balanced out.

This time my partner wanted to play too, which seemed only fair, since I think of kink in a context and not in a vacuum.

I bought this belt (with holes along its entire length) with precisely this notion in mind. But we haven’t actually used it this way ­yet — I find that his bare hand on my throat does the job perfectly well.


fringe festival 4

It was a pleasant Sunday when I took this series of photos. And that was the problem.

The best light in my little house is in front of a window that faces the street. So while I clicked off all these shots, there was a veritable parade going past the house: individuals walking; couples walking; people walking dogs, babies, or dogs and babies; joggers; bicyclists. And then there was a guy doing yard work across the street, and a stream of cars driving past, including a police car at one point.

No one showed any sign of having seen me, which is good, but I can’t be sure whether that was because I wasn’t visible or they just never glanced in my direction.

different fringe 6

The whole scenario was slightly ridiculous.

fringe festival 3

I have good posture. I’ve gotten compliments on my posture, from a few observant dancers.

A few years ago, I got a compliment about my posture from a stranger on the street in London. That was odd. I was exploring some quiet back streets and happened to check my map in view of one other person: a guy who was young and tall and slim. He was very friendly, with a British accent, and started chatting me up. I was immediately suspicious: I’ve never had anyone talk to me on the street in London unless they were trying to sell me something or extract a donation.

He asked me if I was a dancer and (after failing to come up with any reason to deny it) I acknowledged that I was. After some chitchat, he suggested that I go to a pub nearby and he would take me there. That’s when I made my exit.

After a few steps, I found that I was right behind the bustling Charing Cross tube station, which is in a very touristy area, and I concluded that the friendly stranger was a tout for the aforementioned pub. So he was indeed trying to sell me something, albeit indirectly.

different fringe 5

But he was right about my posture.

Sinful Sunday: post-coital trifle

Sinful Sunday

One thing I like about the UK is the fact that I can easily buy trifle, with fresh fruit and real whipped cream. One of the first ones I bought was consumed as a snack after sex, so the next time we were shopping, I joked about stocking up on post-coital trifle. We bought two. I ate each of them — post-coitally — the next day.

But I find it hard to justify more than one trifle per day, since I’m not burning that many calories beforehand. So I think we’ll keep the fridge stocked, but one post-coital trifle will be the daily maximum regardless of how busy we’ve been.

Moderation in all things, you know.

post-coital trifle

Give us this day our daily trifle.

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Our preferred method of birth control has always been condoms: first because it worked well for a new relationship; then because I didn’t like the way the pill made me prone to yeast infections; and later because sex was so infrequent that there was no point in using any other method. We found it difficult to get through a box of 12 before they expired — 2 to 3 years later.

One time I got a checkup by a female doctor who mostly saw university-aged patients. She asked if I was sexually active and I said yes. She asked what I used for birth control and I told her condoms. She then gave me a mini-lecture about why that was not a great idea, and I told her that I was satisfied with the protection condoms provided because I had sex infrequently. When she asked why, I told her that I didn’t particularly enjoy it. Well, that was suddenly TMI, as far as she was concerned. I suppose she was expecting a medical reason, like physical discomfort, though that wasn’t the question she asked. I gave her an honest answer, her reaction was weird, and I now wonder what nerve of hers I touched.

Not long after my epiphany, my partner and I revisited the issue of birth control and decided that he would get a vasectomy. That hasn’t happened yet, for logistical reasons, so we’ll continue to use condoms for the next while.

The condoms don’t expire now. I buy boxes of 24 at the grocery store when I’m picking up fruit and milk. I stock up when they’re on sale. It’s simultaneously domestic and debauched.

fringe festival 2

I went to a dance class today – the same style that I do at home, and it’s only a 15-minute walk from where I’m staying (which is quite a bit more convenient than at home).

When I put on my fringe at the beginning of class, I immediately thought of the photos I’ve posted here, but I soon forgot about that. Ironically, dance keeps me in the moment (i.e. not thinking about sex), but a church service fails to do so.

different fringe 3

different fringe 4I wore rather more than this during class though.

Sinful Sunday: evensong

Sinful Sunday

I may be an atheist but I do like a nice evensong service.

I was at the late 15th century chapel for the choral music, which was beautiful and gave me goosebumps a number of times (including twice from wrists to knees), but I found my mind wandering — and not just to the architecture.

I recalled sex past and imagined sex future, including something that would be (even more) inappropriate to talk about. I mostly managed to keep my focus, but I still felt a blooming warmth between my thighs more than once.

All the while, these chaps looked on, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t notice anything amiss.


(Sinful Sunday is a weekly meme featuring sensual and erotic photography. Click the icon at the top of this post to go to the homepage and check out the other links.)

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