Hagakure is the name of an 18th-century book about bushido (samurai philosophy) but it literally means “hidden by leaves” or “hidden leaves”.

Both images are from my trip to Japan in Nov 2018.

This image was created for the Sinful Sunday theme for March (“double exposure”) at which time, unusually, I came up with more than one image that I liked. You can see my first choice here.

Sinful Sunday: It’s all about the image.

badge Sinful Sunday

Boobday: rack

Boobday Artemis

While out walking his dog by a river close to town, a friend of ours came across a stack of deer antlers and collected some for Wolf, who was crafting with such materials at the time. I selected this one for display and have been eyeing it up for a photo for some time.

badge Boobday