I bought some new footwear over the weekend at a great little boutique that we found last year.

I’m not a shoe person – I can easily go years without buying a pair. I skew toward the pragmatic and minimalist side of things, but since I’ve been exploring my sensuality, I’ve also discovered the delight of beautiful shoes that can see plenty of good use without ever leaving the house.

I was excited when I saw that this pair was the same brand as my black stilettos, which fit so well. I asked one clerk for the size and the other clerk was immediately interested; it turns out the second clerk is an owner and had ordered this specific pair for herself, and then was gutted when they came in and didn’t fit.

When I put them on, I attracted the attention of the three other customers (all female). They fit, well. All five women registered their opinion that I should buy them. I don’t do majority rules (my partner’s opinion that I should buy them carried much more weight), but it happens that they were right. It’s nice to have a consensus.

gladiators 1

gladiators 2

Vince Camuto, “Kase”, for those who are interested in such details.

[In a fashion context, these are considered “sandals”. As far as I can deduce, a sandal is simply a shoe in which the upper is composed entirely of straps, regardless of the height of the heel or the shaft.]

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