Call me Zoë. I’m in an excellent long-term relationship, but for a long time I didn’t particularly like sex. I tried to become more sex positive by educating myself, but I didn’t get very far. A little while ago, I found a name for it: “sexual shame”. Then I discovered that the shame wasn’t actually mine, and it suddenly fell away.

I started this blog about 6 months after I’d had my sexual epiphany. I began by writing about my sex and relationship experiences, mostly to understand myself better, but also with the hope that some of the stuff I wrote might somehow be helpful to others. I soon felt driven to post self-portraits too, though I didn’t understand until much later that I was learning to accept my body, explore my sensuality, and reclaim my physicality.

I’m highly sensitive, empathetic, and curious. I’m deep, complicated, and unintentionally contrary. I have a dry sense of humor. I’m a dancer.

Contact me

Feel free to send me a (respectful) message.

A note to marketing people: I’m interested in reviewing non-fiction and literary erotica. I’m not particularly interested in reviewing products; I lean towards minimalism and your free review product has to be pretty amazing (as well as sustainable, body safe and probably recyclable) for me to be willing to take on the responsibility of ownership. At present I’m not putting ads on my site.

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17 thoughts on “about

  1. Hello. :]
    So.. I feel rather certain I’ve “seen you before”, via some of Hy’s Friday postings..
    .. but this is the first time I’ve come across to visit your blog.
    I may stay awhile and see what I’ve missed.

    This “About” actually made me pause — presently debating if I might have a similar start if I go away and explore my sexual history (it ain’t grand, but when there’s been some, it’s been good fun)..
    .. and then, whether or not I post that history (perhaps with a touch of artistic embellishment?) in one of these anonymous sex blog things… Covert Honesty? An-Hones-mous-ty? o.O

    Next: to read your end-of-2014 Epiphany…

    Cheerio. 🙂

    PS – your body in today’s (22/07/16) Boobday pic . . . O_O Well done you, dear lady.


    1. You may well have seen me on Hy’s blog – I used to submit photos for publication over there when Boobday was monthly and before she got set up to accept links. Do feel free to have a look around here – that’s what the blog is for, and I’ve got a fair collection of photos by now.

      After having learned a lot about myself recently, I found it was a valuable the exercise to think about past relationships and encounters in a new light.

      Thanks for the compliment 🙂


  2. Very nice blog site. You are a thoughtful and talented writer. I came upon while doing a tag line search for depression. My blog interest and orientation is addiction, more specifically treatment and recovery. I’m passionate about abating and ended the symptomatic suffering that we endure. Do you still suffer from depression? I couldn’t quite tell or maybe didn’t read enough.


    1. Thanks very much! I got the ok to start tapering off the meds in March, and I mentioned it around then but I can’t easily get at the link right now. I’ll probably post about it in more detail in the not too distant future.


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