Sinful Sunday: thigh-high socks

Sinful Sunday

This is my first contribution to Sinful Sunday, a weekly meme featuring sensual and erotic photography. Click the icon above to go to the homepage and check out the other links.

I bought some thigh-high socks recently and am enjoying them quite a lot for the way they successfully (to my mind) cross sexy with comfy-cozy. I also like the texture and pattern.

thigh highs 2
thigh and hip start to become an abstract study of textures

thigh highs 3


thigh highs 1
another study of texture, this time with a sheepskin in the background; also, upper thigh!

Edit: I’m delighted to announce that the middle photo above was chosen as one of the top 5 in the Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up! Thanks to guest judge Ruby Bell of Absolutely Ruby, who said:

A lovely few pictures from a first timer here (welcome to Sinful Sunday!!) The middle image is both simple and gorgeous and there is something so sexy about that small amount of skin on show. I myself love some cosy socks and love that wearing long socks means you don’t have to wear as many other clothes! As you can probably tell if you’ve visited my blog I do love a black and white picture and this one is simply beautiful with the contrast of her soft skin and textured socks.

30 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: thigh-high socks

  1. Nice socks, and great studies of texture.

    Welcome to the Sinful Sunday madness – don’t tell Molly I called it that.


  2. I LOVE socks. I even have a board on Pinterest called, Socks are sexy and my blog is littered with images of me in various socks. The second image down is my favourite, I love the contrast between the material and the soft smoothness of your thighs



    1. Thanks! It seems that most overtly sexy clothing is often impractical or uncomfortable, so I have a hard time getting my head around the fact that the socks are sexy despite being warm and comfy and eminently practical 😉


  3. Opps and I got totally distracted by your beautiful pictures and forgot to say WELCOME to Sinful Sunday…. and, do you have a Twitter account, if you do can you tweet at me so I can find you @mollysdailykiss



    1. Thanks, and thanks for the welcome! I have hardwood floors, so you’ll likely be seeing more wood grain. If I can get the floor as background, then I don’t have to worry about revealing the clutter elsewhere in the house 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks very much! The light was very cooperative that day so I got lots of nice sharp photos, which is so satisfying. I’ve been doing more photography lately and Sinful Sunday seems like a good fit, so I’m sure you’ll be seeing me around 🙂


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