Sinful Sunday: vintage art nouveau

Sinful Sunday

When I posted a color version of this photo a month and a half ago, Molly suggested I try a vintage edit. So I did.

vintage art nouveau

I converted color to sepia, increased the contrast and grain (noise), and added an effect called “vignette”, which darkened the corners a bit.

The original (click the thumbnail to open the link in a new tab):

art nouveau

19 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: vintage art nouveau

    1. Thank you. My left foot is supported and I have weight on it, so it’s probably easier than it appears. The upper body is a little more challenging, starting from a good lifted dance posture and made more dramatic with a bit of back bend.


  1. I love this picture, I loved the colour version but I am so glad you tried a vintage edit. I think they are two very different images and I find it impossible to pick a favourite


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    1. They are quite different, aren’t they? When I first started editing the photo, I tried B&W (I almost always do) and found it a little bland. I liked the pastel colors and low color contrast. But the sepia is working for me. Maybe I just needed a little time/distance.


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