After my last post, I got thinking that maybe I should try to replace my underwire bras since the cups are now too small.

Now, my usual style — for everything — is plain. It’s probably the HSP in me that makes me like clean lines, natural fibres, neutral tones. Glass, mirror, white, unbleached fabric, stainless steel, unstained wood. Clothes that allow a range of motion. My daily underwear is comfortable low-rise panties and a soft pullover bra, all in black cotton. But plain is surprisingly hard to find and thus can be quite frustrating to try to source, which is part of the reason why I hate shopping.

For me, underwire bras are not for daily wear — they’re mostly for playtime. And for playtime, I don’t want plain, I want sexy. I can live with a some discomfort. Stores are full of uncomfortable sexy things, and shopping is a lot more fun when uncomfortable sexy things are what I want. So, with much more optimism than usual, I trundled off to the mall.

Hallelujah, I actually found a bra that fits! It happened to be a fairly basic style after all: one-piece foam cups with what is considered minimal padding, though still more “help” than I’m used to. On the numbers (under-bust not quite 30”, bust 34”), I should be a 30D(!). I bought a 32C. (Only specialty stores carry a 30, but somehow this 32 still fits properly (i.e. worn on the loosest hook when it’s new), and the cup of a 30D is comparable to the cup of a 32C.) I guess I’m not as flat as I thought! And then with that bit of padding… I even have cleavage.

new bra

Then there were the panties: tables heaped to overflowing with a cornucopia of styles, all involving the tiniest scraps of fabric. There was a deal if you bought a certain number, and I was told I could mix and match among tables, so I did. But it turned out that there were actually two separate deals with different conditions. Rather than choose one or the other, I did both, so I’m now the proud owner of 8 pairs (7 styles) of sporty, stringy, and lacy underthings.

When I got home, I immediately modeled the haul for my partner. Let’s just say he approves…

This pile of lingerie, as well as a new anal toy, mostly demolished the Visa gift card that my mother-in-law gave me for Christmas. It’s a good thing that she probably won’t ask what I bought.

6 thoughts on “jackpot

  1. Loved this (but probably shouldn’t have read it moments before heading into a work meeting…. Much too distracting!!)


  2. You should be fitted by a well respected specialty retailer. If you were local I would recommend a friend who owns a specialty lingerie boutique Bra-Vo Intimates, just down the street and leave you in her very competent hands


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