Sinful Sunday: outdoor nude photography

The Sinful Sunday theme this week is “outdoor photography”.

Looking out over the Umbrian hills from the castle. There’s no model, but the photographer was nude. That counts, right?

Edit: Since I seem to be disappointing those of you who consider my playful sense of humor as one of my lesser charms, I will point out that there is a more conventional photo of me elsewhere in the Sinful Sunday offerings. But you still have to find it.

badge Sinful Sunday

14 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: outdoor nude photography

  1. I think it works, but it really depends on if you felt as if you were sinning while taking the photo nude. Personally, standing outside taking pictures in nature would be a combination of sin towards political correctness and a celebration that reflects nature’s bareness. The birds and the bees were happy to see ya out there, I am sure.


  2. It does count of course . . . zooming in closer over your shoulder of the previous picture . . . and giving us all the wider vista !!! And of course clicking back and forth between Jamie’s photo and yours, imagining the scene and fun moments involved!!!

    Xxx – K


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