Sinful Sunday: chair

Sinful Sunday

The first Sunday of July was my last in the UK, and I had hoped to post a photo for Sinful Sunday in accordance with this month’s theme of “chair”. But my partner was moving back after having been away for the better part of three years so, with the packing and all, photos just didn’t happen.

My chairs at home are much more photogenic anyway.


I’ve used clothing in some of my photos, and there were a few posed on that lovely hotel bed, but incorporating a chair was more like using a prop, which I’ve never done before. I got tired of taking photos before I ran out of ideas, so there may be more chair photos in my future.

Also, I seem to like symmetry.

Edit: I just remembered that in French la chair means ‘flesh’. Seems appropriate.

21 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: chair

  1. This is fabulous, if it isn’t in those week’s top 5, then the world has gone mad.



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