Boobday: V-neck

It snowed last night and all the sidewalks were thoroughly blanketed this morning. I was up earlier than usual, and Wolf and I went out in the cold greyness to our back-to-back doctor’s appointments.

I told the doctor that I thought I was depressed and he asked what made me think so. The day before, I had compiled a list of the ways in which my brain seemed to function poorly, and I rattled off about half of the entries from my list. “You’re depressed,” he concluded, and wrote a prescription. (He and I are both in favor of conservative use of medication. I prefer not to take pills, and he prefers not to prescribe them.)

After that I had an appointment for a haircut. I used to have a very short pixie cut but I’ve been growing it out for about 6 months now. The hairdresser always straightens my hair, so because of its natural wave/curl it actually looks longer after it’s been cut.

I got my daily exercise by walking home from the salon. Fortunately the wind wasn’t too cold and there wasn’t much new snow to trudge through.

After lunch I went to my orthodontist for a touch-up. By this time, it was fairly warm and the sun was blazing. I had braces a few years ago and after they came off, I got wires attached behind my front teeth, top (2) and bottom (6), for stability. Apparently they usually attach the wires only at the ends but mine are glued to each tooth. I’d lost the glue on one of those middle teeth, and the glue on the next tooth was cracked. The tech scraped and sanded and picked the remaining glue off the two teeth, then re-glued them. They use an LED light to cure the glue (much like the process for getting gel nails put on, not that I know the first thing about that). When I was done and about to leave the station, the orthodontist himself (who is also my former dentist) walked past. Maybe it’s the holidays, or maybe he’s just that friendly, but he hallooed me and gave me a hug!

On the way home I stopped at the pharmacy to fill prescriptions, including my new one for citalopram (Celexa).

I did some organizing, paid bills, made plans to connect with people, sent emails and texts and posted on my Facebook page for my dance class. It was a remarkably productive day in comparison to how it’s been lately. I think I did more today than I was able to do in the rest of the week.

It’s still not that late, but my eyes are almost crossing with fatigue.




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