the benefits of fringe 6

The best light in the house is in front of a window that faces the street. The second set of fringe photos, of which these are but a few, was taken on a beautiful Sunday in the late morning. That probably explains all the traffic: vehicles, people walking dogs, people with babies in strollers, people with babies in strollers and walking dogs, cyclists, joggers, and a police car at one point. It was practically a parade.

fringe 15fringe 16fringe 18fringe 17

the benefits of fringe 3

A couple of days ago, it was my firm intention to follow the Sinful Sunday monthly prompt (“no humans”). But my fringe photos have worked out so well that I found myself in the middle of a bit of a story with them and I ultimately decided not to interrupt myself. So here we are.

fringe 7

fringe 8

That thigh is smooth, cool and firm.

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