Boobday: naut-y

Today the sun was warm but the air was cool; the seasons are definitely changing. The highlights of my day have been completing a stage on a highly irritating work project (it’s done unless it gets bounced back – cross your fingers for me), doing some ironing, and digging up potatoes.

The potatoes were the best part.

badge Boobday

Boobday: Tuareg necklace


I bought a new necklace shortly before I left the UK. It’s Tuareg, probably made in Mali or Niger. The guy I bought it from, a Brit, goes to Morocco a couple of times a year to buy stock.

necklace 1

I bought it mostly for stage, hence the size – it was the biggest pendant he had. I’ve been wearing it a lot. I think it’s pretty cool.

necklace 2


necklace 3

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full moon

I pay attention to the phases of the moon — not for any special reason, just because the moon is beautiful.

I have a pendant that is silvery, perfectly round and slightly domed. Because it makes me think of the full moon, that’s when I prefer to wear it. It just feels right.

full moon