Boobday: Tuareg necklace


I bought a new necklace shortly before I left the UK. It’s Tuareg, probably made in Mali or Niger. The guy I bought it from, a Brit, goes to Morocco a couple of times a year to buy stock.

necklace 1

I bought it mostly for stage, hence the size – it was the biggest pendant he had. I’ve been wearing it a lot. I think it’s pretty cool.

necklace 2


necklace 3

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simplicity and complexity

It’s an interesting process how this blog is helping me to develop my eye, despite the fact that I post much more text than imagery.

I tend to err on the side of minimalism rather than excess, in all things. I prefer my schedule a little empty rather than a little full. I enjoy music but I spend more of my time in quiet. In my home, I’m surrounded mostly with wood and other natural tones. My clothing tends to be simple, and I wear the same small earrings 98% of the time.

My dance costume is anything but minimalist. I don’t have a lot of textile pieces to choose from, but I do have more jewelry than I can wear at once. I create my look anew every time (within certain parameters), such that merely getting dressed and made-up is itself an artistic process. With the sheer quantity of pieces and choices, it could easily become chaotic. What I’m going for is lushness, the body as artistic project, sensuality even in stillness.


full moon

I pay attention to the phases of the moon — not for any special reason, just because the moon is beautiful.

I have a pendant that is silvery, perfectly round and slightly domed. Because it makes me think of the full moon, that’s when I prefer to wear it. It just feels right.

full moon