fringe festival 3

I have good posture. I’ve gotten compliments on my posture, from a few observant dancers.

A few years ago, I got a compliment about my posture from a stranger on the street in London. That was odd. I was exploring some quiet back streets and happened to check my map in view of one other person: a guy who was young and tall and slim. He was very friendly, with a British accent, and started chatting me up. I was immediately suspicious: I’ve never had anyone talk to me on the street in London unless they were trying to sell me something or extract a donation.

He asked me if I was a dancer and (after failing to come up with any reason to deny it) I acknowledged that I was. After some chitchat, he suggested that I go to a pub nearby and he would take me there. That’s when I made my exit.

After a few steps, I found that I was right behind the bustling Charing Cross tube station, which is in a very touristy area, and I concluded that the friendly stranger was a tout for the aforementioned pub. So he was indeed trying to sell me something, albeit indirectly.

different fringe 5

But he was right about my posture.

“yellow” Boobday

This month’s Boobday theme is “yellow”.

My skin tone looks best in cool colors, so yellow is not a wardrobe staple for me. My first though was to take a photo in my yellow living room, but the light there is poor — which is why it was painted yellow in the first place.

Then I remembered this silk scarf. It clings in just the right way, I think. And the way I was holding it to my body put the fabric on the bias for even more clingy goodness.

scarf color

This is my first time posting a color photo, which was necessary to fit within the Boobday theme. Here it is again, in black and white, which I think tends to highlight the sculptural quality of the image.