Sinful Sunday: window framed

Sinful Sunday

Light streaming through windows, cheery and warm, grounded in black velvet shadow. But this is definitely a winter scene – the sun is low, the branches outside are bare, and the overly optimistic leaves (launched in midsummer) of the calla lily on the sill are drooping their last.

Is the figure the subject, or part of the canvas?

window framed

This month’s theme is “windows“.

This detail on its own doesn’t really have anything to do with windows. I just like it.

window framed 2

Sinful Sunday: fossa

Sinful Sunday

Axillary fossa1, to be specific. A grand name for a body part that doesn’t ordinarily get a lot of love: a.k.a. “the armpit”.

This is a detail from a photo I posted recently. I like how, when taken out of context, it starts to look like wind-sculpted rock.


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1 Thanks are due to Jaime Mortimer for the word “fossa”. He discusses a sexier sort of fossa here.