slight adjustment

It’s Sinful Sunday theme week once again, and this time it’s “outtakes“.

Like many other folks, I delete photos from my phone immediately if they’re out of focus, blurred by movement, or purely accidental, and I usually only take phone pics a few ad hoc snaps at a time. I realised that to find a “good” outtake, I’d need to go through my proper shoots.

Here’s one: a mistimed adjustment.

I cropped out my face but otherwise left it full size, including all the stuff around the edges that I’d usually crop out (for better or worse, I always shot in landscape on this camera). The mandarin on the floor at bottom left marks the field of view so I wouldn’t accidentally cut my feet out.

Photos from this January 2017 shoot that I’ve posted previously:

hold tight
striped symmetry 2
from on high

Sinful Sunday: It’s all about the image.

badge Sinful Sunday

15 thoughts on “slight adjustment

  1. Ha, I have done this so many time with knickers and with stockings but I do like this image, there is something very sassy about your pose



    1. Thanks! I end up making this sort of adjustment very frequently (though rarely is it captured “on film”) – I think it has to do with the shape of my bottom.


  2. I love seeing a sneak peak of people’s surroundings and I especially love the mandarin tip! I think it looks like you are dancing and enjoying the moment, very confident and sassy pose! Your other images are absolutely stunning! x


    1. I usually cut all that stuff out if I can, but now I’m going to think about how I can deliberately incorporate some for the folks like you who like it, without also overwhelming my minimalist preference. Glad you like it!


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