aerodrome 3

The trip from our hotel to the airport started before I would ordinarily be awake, and comprised 30 minutes of twists and turns through busy city. Jaime and his suitcase accompanied me in the airport shuttle even though he needed to go in the opposite direction to where his car was parked so he could drive himself back to his mountains and home.

From the shuttle drop-off point to the terminal comprised another 10 minutes of pedestrian twists and turns through what felt like a parking garage but mostly without cars in it. The route was painted on the ground but was also helpfully signposted with 8 or 10 friendly staff, one at each turning to guide us through the labyrinth. The last three carried baskets and handed out chocolate eggs, in honour of Easter, as well as little bottles of water. Our theory was that this was done to counteract the endless fog of low-grade evil engendered by a building that forgot to account for the fact that people needed to move through it.

I had some time to spare so we had a bit of a sit, I got myself organised, and then Jaime sent me off with a few meaty swats to my bottom. It’s hard to leave, but the tension keeping me there is balanced by the tension pulling me home and back to Wolf.

And, some 20 or so hours later, Wolf was waiting for me at our little airport in his usual spot, and silently gathered me up in his arms in the usual way, smelling my hair.

So I’m home now, and mostly recovered from the ultra-long-haul flight, a handful of time zones worth of jetlag, and (probably) fighting off a 20-hour barrage of viruses in various airports and planes. The length of the days is not so different from where I was, nor the temperature, and I’ve only had one flicker of disorientation from the sun being on the “wrong” side of my zenith. The next time I go to visit Jaime, perhaps I’ll be able to find north by feel rather than calculation.

Wolf is away again for now, and I’m alone in the house until he returns, but this is the last time for a few months at least.

Here I am in the – non-private – washroom of an airport lounge, not quite a year ago. Low traffic, but still required a little more boldness than my usual material.

More photos from this trip (i.e. last year’s, not the one I just got back from) here and here.

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