mile high 31

I’m feeling very clever for having prepped a bunch of photos two weekends ago. Of course I knew it would make posting easier, but whatever it is that makes it seem difficult to do one at the time I want to post it also makes it seem difficult to do them as a batch. It’s a little tedious and it just takes time at the computer, but I’m already at risk of flattening out my ass from all the power sitting I’m doing while I work more every day than I have in years.

I’ve officially survived 4 weeks on my own since Wolf got that job out of town. The fact that I have to cook for myself is the single biggest difference when I’m on my own. I’ve cooked from time to time over the years but never really got good at it. It was effortful and time-consuming so I’d make a big batch of whatever, and then I’d get bored of it before I finally ate my way through it all. But now I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of it. My repertoire is still very limited, but I’m cooking meals for one from scratch everyday and riffing a bit with flavour.

Sweets are much easier for me, (though the challenge now is keeping the problematic FODMAP carbs under control). Some overripe strawberries in the freezer and some pine nuts and sliced almonds (toasted) turned into some tasty toppings for ice cream. Anyway, I’m feeding myself well and learning to experiment.

The lack of companionship is a drag but it’s manageable; I’m not the most social anyway, and I always see folks at least once a week during my dance class. But I am finding myself a little lonely at times — though not  so much during the day as I’m much too busy with work to notice it then. Wolf is busy keeping his shit together and we’re not in contact all that much. Jaime is available (from a distance) as much as always, which helps. I’m missing my friend Rosa but she’s busy with her new baby. Actually, all of “my people” (including myself) skew towards the less communicative end of the spectrum. Hmm.

A nice big mirror on a nice big plane, coming home from visiting Jaime in Nov 2017. 

Boobday is a body-positive meme where women share images of their bodies in order to show that there is beauty in all of us. With confidence comes power and with power comes confidence.

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10 thoughts on “mile high 31

    1. I wish! No, this was the regular toilet on a large (and IIRC newer) plane.

      I’ve flown business class on a couple of short haul flights and was disappointed to find that the loo was just as small as the economy ones. (Definitely no attendant or fireplace, contrary to what Father Ted has led me to believe!)


  1. I can relate to the cooking thing – so many of my partners have cooked and its always a shock to have to do it oneself. But clearly you are managing…Well done on the mirror it allows us to see lots of your lovely bod – clearly the carb control and the dance class has contributed effectively.


    1. It does throw one for a loop, doesn’t it? I suppose having to do a thing that you’re not used to doing will always take adjustment, just as Wolf is now having to do his own laundry. I tend to feel vaguely self-conscious when I admit that I’m not a great cook – even now a lot people still equate “housework” with “women’s work” and I find explaining myself tiresome. And thank you!

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      1. Hi Zoe, I also do the “bunny in the headlights” thing when I have to/decide to cook for someone who does it with skill. My companion looks so at home in the kitchen – even wears an apron… my default is to take him out for dinner… 😆


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