goals and plans for 2019 — do I have any?

This week’s Food for Thought Friday questions are about goals and plans for 2019.

I’ve never been one for planning very far ahead or making new year’s resolutions or anything. The best time to start something new is now, whatever day of the year that happens to be. I feel the same way about personal growth and life generally. I’m not one for doing things the way they’ve always been done just because they’ve always been done that way; on the contrary, looking for ways to improve is part of my worldview.

That’s not to say that I never plan anything, but while I was dealing with depression (and fatigue) I learned, like Kilted Wookie, not to plan very far in advance. There were too many times when I decided that I’d do whatever thing in a day or two, and then the day came and I lacked the resources I needed to do the thing. Cancelling my own plans was much more disappointing than not making them in the first place.

That’s much less of an issue now, though I still have my natural tendency not to set goals. Even so, I do have some ideas that more or less fit into this category.

I’m planning a trip to see Jaime in April. It will have been over a year since we saw each other last. Too long, but he lives too far away.

My most important and most immediate goal is to take good care of myself while Wolf is away, and the biggest element of that is getting better at cooking. Wolf just likes to take care of me and so he ordinarily does all the grocery shopping, cooking, and dish-washing. I was never a fan of cooking and never developed those skills to where I’d like them to be. When he was away doing his degree, I kept myself fed, but I made big batches of things that took too long to prepare and then got sick of the interminable leftovers.

My specific goal is to develop the skills to reliably throw a decent fresh meal together with a minimum of effort. I foresee a routine of planning supper while eating breakfast so I can go on a supply run at lunch. This is complicated by my dietary needs which have only gotten more complex.

I’m also trying to improve a few health issues. I hope to learn to control my IBS symptoms better through diet, hence the FODMAP diet I’m on now (which will be wrapping up soonish). If that also helps improve a couple of other health issues, as seems possible, it will be a happy bonus.

Another goal is to reduce the amount of stuff in the house. This is a big project, which I first identified years ago, after our last move. (It becomes so obvious, when you have to carry and cart every one of your possessions, how much stuff you actually own.) It’s the detritus of years, a physical collection of deferred decisions. I do get the occasional wave of anxiety about this massive task, but I’ve also been selling stuff online so I remind myself that it’s a work in progress and I just have to keep chipping away. If I’m in a hurry, there are places and ways to just give it away. What slows me down is a sustainability issue: I can’t in good conscience just pitch a bunch of stuff in the garbage, and I struggle with being decisive enough to just get shit done.

This project is more important now that Wolf has this new job, since there is a very good chance that we’ll need to move to a different city this summer. If I have to move, I’d prefer to go where he is now though I’d be happier not to, due to sheer laziness. But chances are this time next year I’ll be in a different city.

As for plans for change, I’m working on getting to know myself better, specifically my needs and wants. A related issue is trying to overcome my low libido. These are the current facets of my perpetual project of seeking contentment, enjoyment, satisfaction, well-being. In a word, happiness.

None of these are really goals for 2019 (except for the obviously time-sensitive ones) as I just don’t think that way, but now is as good a time as any other to talk about plans.

5 thoughts on “goals and plans for 2019 — do I have any?

  1. Oh I like your goals. I’ve been working on downsizing & trying to declutter the house for the past three years. It can be very overwhelming for me at times. Some days I just look around and walk away lol. Best of luck on your road to achieving them.


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