aerodrome 1

Fall through cobalt planes, layers of frames. Draped in the colours of the space, but fleshly curves exist to challenge rigid geometry.

Aerodrome is my newest travel-themed series, for photos taken in airports.

Sinful Sunday: It’s all about the image.

badge Sinful Sunday

Edit: Ooh, I made the top 5 in the Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up for week 403! Here’s what guest judge E.T. Costello said about the image:

I love this shot. The blocks of colour, the geometry transposed with Zoe’s half-stripped self. I also love the transgression/subversion of her project. One to watch!

11 thoughts on “aerodrome 1

    1. Thank you! The repeating patterns really grabbed me, including the different scales in the two different types of tile, and the image versus reflection. This is looking like it will be the rarest series but I have at least one more image already.


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