7 thoughts on “Boobday: mile high 23

  1. Did you use your towel to wipe off the wash basin? 😉 Love the photo! The 200 other people in the plane have no idea, which is titillating. Any thoughts while you returned to your seat as people glanced up to see you walking through the aisle?

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    1. Of course; I’m a considerate traveller 🙂

      I don’t get off on feeling “naughty” and, despite appearances to the contrary, I’m not actually an exhibitionist. I guess it’s more like “ah, I now have brief access to that unusual photo location – better take advantage!”

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      1. I had this feeling that you were a considerate traveler!

        I like your take on this opportunity, access to a photo location. Glad you took advantage of it! Any other locations on your bucket list OR do they just tend to appear in the moment?

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        1. I’m not really goal-oriented in that way. I like airplanes as a location because it is still fully private but it’s also unusual for this project; it’s basically a glorified bathroom-mirror selfie but more interesting – at least to me! Where there are planes there are usually hotels too, so I might be a little more deliberate about hotel mirrors in future. I did one in an airport lounge shower room and would be happy to repeat it if the opportunity comes up again! Restaurant washrooms would also work, if they’re nice and sufficiently private. I seem to be on planes more often than in nice restaurants though 😉

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