Boobday: mile high 11

I’m still not completely over this cold yet, but I’m close – so close. And now poor Wolf has the plague. I might not have given it to him, but it doesn’t matter. He just feels like complete shit.

I’ve been working, but also finding time to rest and get better. I’m starting to have energy to do more than just the most essential things, which is good because as I’ve come out of depression, planning ahead no longer seems futile. (I’d plan to do something but when the time came, I wouldn’t have the energy to do it. It got very frustrating.) I’ve started remembering the things that I’ve been wanting to do and thinking of new things.

Returning from Europe, last flight.

badge Boobday

6 thoughts on “Boobday: mile high 11

  1. “Please observe the No Flashing sign”…
    The airlines will be installing nipple-detectors soon.
    But with you as the leader of the brave rebellion forces, WE WILL WIN.
    Lovely, stylish photo, as always!


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