Boobday: home again

I touched down at my little local airport at an objectively reasonable hour on Wednesday evening after three whole weeks away. As I came into the public area my eyes scanned the crowd until they found Wolf, and then I developed tunnel vision. He was the only person I could see so how is it possible that he didn’t literally glow?

I’m not sure who said the first word or what it would have been because we greeted each other the way we always do: looking into each other’s eyes until we close the distance and can share a long and meaningful hug. Words aren’t up to the task so we don’t bother.

I returned home with groaning luggage and a phone stuffed with photos. My head is swirling with thoughts and ideas and memories. Also, a cold [cough, sniff]. It’s weird not being with Gawan – being reduced once again to text, email and FaceTime.

I had lots of amazing adventures, one of which was doing a shoot with the wonderful Nicolas Laborie. Here’s one of the photos he took.

Photo by Nicolas Laborie

Here is where I want to feel
your ephemeral breath
your delicate fingertips
your covetous mouth.

badge Boobday

5 thoughts on “Boobday: home again

      1. Sadly, no. There were a bunch of reasons why we weren’t able to anything but digital, but I’m hoping that I’ll get back to London again reasonably soon so we can give the wetplate collodion a go.


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