Boobday: hippy

Less than a week now until I set out on my next adventure via planes, trains and automobiles (in that order, even). I’m excited, a little nervous for at least three separate reasons (probably more), and a bit anxious about finishing my preparations although I’m actually feeling fairly well prepared.

This will be my last domestic Boobday, and if I remember to nip off to the loo with my phone en route, there should be some more mile high photos coming.

My energy levels have been low this week, which I attribute to the medication, but I think I might be acclimatizing to it finally. I certainly hope so. I’d like to feel alert more than just randomly.

I’ve had this crochet top for a long time and decided to use it for my photo this week. I had forgotten how hippy it looks, but when I noticed, I swapped out my dressy black leather belt for this worn brown belt to heighten the effect. (The belt may actually date to that era: it originally belonged to an ex’s grandfather.)


badge Boobday

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