Boobday: pink pearl

The doctor has just increased the dose of my anti-depressant slightly. I’ve been feeling better but I still have days where getting anything done is a struggle. I’m optimistic that this dosage will bring me pretty close to functioning at 100%. Although I’ve learned not to plan too much because I can’t predict whether any given day is going be completely unproductive, I’ve also learned that it’s not an issue of laziness and it will pass eventually.

Less than two weeks until my Europe trip and I’m so excited! I’ve been anticipating this for months. Maybe that’s why it’s now starting to feel a bit bittersweet – I’ve been looking so far ahead for so long that my focus is still on the distance, which is now in the neighborhood of the end of my trip and coming home. Don’t worry, I’ll be in the moment when I’m there, but those intrusive thoughts that my time with Gawan is limited and passing will pop up unbidden from time to time. And I still have some prep to do, so that should keep me in the right place temporally.

We’ll have adventures. And we have plans – sexy plans for sexytimes.


Pink like a Pearl eraser.

badge Boobday

6 thoughts on “Boobday: pink pearl

  1. But much, much prettier than a pencil sharpener. In fact pretty doesn’t come near it. That is simply, unutterably beautiful. Gawan is one lucky bastard, that’s all I can say.


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