photo shoot trip, day 2: fetish night

Because Lucas and I had been up so late on day 1, we were very late getting up on day 2. I woke mid-morning and lazed about in bed for a good while before getting up, while he made his first appearance at 1:00.

I was thinking we’d start on the photos today, but we didn’t have time for it with the late start and mandatory shopping, which was complicated by poor weather and, once we got going, car problems. This was the day of the fetish night, and Lucas had been almost turned away a few times running because his pants were barely passing muster under the fetish dress code, so he was on a mission to buy some new and sufficiently fetish-y pants.

I, on the other hand, was shopping recreationally. We had gone to a store at which the main styles were goth and steampunk with a few overtly BDSM-y pieces, and there was a mix of labels and house brand (the woman who owns the shop is a seamstress). During Project Pants, I explored and examined some of the simpler pieces, mostly looking for inspiration for things I could make myself.

I found a cool jacket in a military style – it was reminiscent of a mid-19th-century dress uniform, black with lots of black braid and lots of metal buttons. There was only one on the rack but according to the tag it was too big, so I asked if they had any smaller ones in stock. The clerk went through all the stock but didn’t find any that were smaller, so I gave up. But a while later out of curiosity I decided to try the jacket on anyway, just to see how it looked. What do you know, it fit! And pretty well, too, so I bought it. (The size on the tag had been thoroughly misleading.) In the meantime Lucas found some highly satisfactory pants (black, leather-look), so we returned to his place, successful hunters and gatherers.

After supper, we got done up and covered up, then left for the fetish night. The outside door led to a small foyer; the doors to left and right were for rooms that were both occupied by a private function. The door in the middle led downstairs to our event. The bouncer, a stylish older black man with an angular jaw, wore a long black coat and could have been an extra in The Matrix.

A woman and man stood at a podium by the middle door to check tickets and outfits while keeping tourists out. Lucas and I were dressed discreetly for the trip: he was wearing his new shiny black pants but his net top was hidden under a sweater. My black catsuit was concealed under comfy red yoga pants and a cardigan. There was no place near the door to change or strip down, so when the man asked if we had suitable attire I simply said “Yes” with great conviction, and on that assurance he let us through to the curving staircase. I thought it was quite funny.

In the meantime, the woman at the podium was dealing with another patron whose costume, unlike mine, was entirely visible; she said jeans weren’t acceptable and he argued, in a Russian accent, that his denim cut-offs were in fact Daisy Dukes and thus costume. They ended up letting him in, though I don’t know whether he got scolded or warned.

We arrived an hour after the start time but things were still quiet so we took a little tour. On one side of the entrance was a fair sized dance floor with a high ceiling, small restrooms at one end and a stage at the other; on the stage was a spanking bench. On the other side of the entrance, a short and narrow hall led to a bar area, which became a bottleneck later on since people were lining up for drinks while others were passing through. Then there was the coat check, which had a line up almost all night. Beyond that was the other dance floor; this one had a low ceiling, comfortable chairs and couches along the two long sides, an open area at the near end, and restrooms at the far end. There was a spanking bench on each side near the restrooms, but not a lot of clearance around them so they were fine for actual spanking but not appropriate for flogging, say. A suspension frame for rope was set up at the near end of this room; the basic structure was much like a child’s swing set, with room for two people to be tied at once, perhaps more if they were part of the same scene.

We danced on and off throughout the night, but the music mostly didn’t grab me: electronica, or 80s and Christmas music. The genres could have worked but I didn’t seem to share the DJs’ tastes.

The clothing/costumes turned out to be not all that interesting. Part of the issue was that they had three separate themes going (Christmas, fetish, and island) so it was a little incoherent. Some girls thus wore red underwear sets, and a few guys wore Christmas-themed boxers. One man wore two Santa hats, one on the big head and one on the little head, and that was the full extent of his costume. One woman was dressed as a hula dancer car dash ornament with short grass skirt, pasties, and flower in her shoulder-length hair; she danced what looked reasonably like hula, and the whole thing was nicely evocative. The guy dressed as Krampus got my attention for his cool eye makeup and horns. Otherwise it was mostly fairly ordinary lingerie.

There wasn’t much play going on since the set-up wasn’t entirely conducive. We did see a woman doing flogging and singletail at the stage station (the only one with room for such things), but that spanking bench was later claimed by a scantily clad guy in red briefs who gyrated to the music and checked his phone. Later we saw the same woman doing rope and suspending her partner. Lucas was impressed and intrigued. The spanking benches seemed to feature spanking only (including some paddling), and no surprise because there wasn’t room for anything else. Neither Lucas nor I did any play with each other or anyone else. It was, more than other occasions I’m told, primarily a dance party.

At one point, a topless woman walked past us and through the crowded dance floor. I was impressed by the way this was treated as entirely unremarkable. Nobody even blinked let alone leered.

On the basis of what I’d been told about this event, it was a bit underwhelming, and the poor weather likely didn’t help anything. But it was still fun and I’m glad I went.

4 thoughts on “photo shoot trip, day 2: fetish night

  1. successful hunters and gatherers… I’ll bet that was fun. I enjoyed your visit to the fetish party, too bad it wasn’t a little more exciting for you.

    BTW… [elust] has the perfect image at the top this issue.


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