photo shoot trip, day 1

I’m back from my photo shoot trip. I was going to have almost four full days in town (not including the day of arrival since I got there in the evening). The original plan was: day 1 – shopping with Lucas, supper with Mr. PS; day 2 – photo shoot and fetish night; day 3 – photo shoot continued; day 4 – nothing in particular until my evening flight. We had to adjust the plans, however, because not long before the trip Lucas was called in to work during a few days that he had expected to have free. He would now be busy for all of day 1. They had wanted him to work on day 2 as well but he told them he wasn’t available.

I had been thinking about doing some solo shopping on day 1 but the weather wasn’t cooperative, so I spent much of the day alone at Lucas’s and headed out in the later afternoon to meet up with PS. I had to take public transit to get out there: about 90 minutes door to door (instead of a 30-minute drive in good conditions). Since Lucas works relatively close to PS’s place, the fact that he was stuck at work meant that it was convenient for him to give me a ride back when he was done, around 9:30.

PS and I started at a sushi restaurant and when that started to feel tired, we went back to his place where we talked and listened to music. I had imagined that we’d spend some time cuddling on his couch like last time, but he didn’t initiate and I couldn’t think of a way to do so either, so we just sat companionably.

After a couple of hours of hanging out he couldn’t face staying within his four walls anymore, so we went to his local, where there was a band of guys who looked to be in their 30s, competently (though not brilliantly) playing classic rock tunes.

I had been expecting Lucas to get in touch and hadn’t heard anything yet so I pinged him at about 11:00 and asked how things were going. “Poorly” was the response. The boss had forgotten that he was supposed to have day 2 off, so Lucas was now doing tomorrow’s work. Eventually he pulled the plug at 12:30. He had been at work since 9:00 am.

When Lucas arrived, PS and I said our goodbyes. In some ways, PS is very reserved. He has told me intensely personal things, which marks me as part of an inner circle of two or three people. On the other hand, he isn’t shy about showing affection – his male friends get hugs and the female ones get hugs and kisses. So when I was leaving, he gave me warm and lingering hugs and kisses on my cheeks. The very small bar was full, he seemed to know half of the people there, and he is rarely seen with female company, so I expect that we were noticed. I didn’t give a damn, and I don’t think he did either.

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