Boobday: quiet

It’s been quiet around here lately. I haven’t been writing or taking photos. Haven’t wanted to.

I’ve been working harder which means less time spent writing, and less writing means fewer ideas. And things have cooled off in the bedroom, so there’s simply less to write about – though I do have a few adventures with Gawan that I have’t written up yet.

As for the photos, I’m simply not in much of a sharing mood and I’m not inclined to be bare. And if I do things that seem OK I guess but if I thought about them, I’d find that I didn’t actually want to do them after all, but I go ahead because I think I should because it would please someone else, well, I’ve just enunciated the difficulty I have with valuing my own consent.

I’m feeling even more inward-looking than usual, which for me sounds a lot like self-care. Maybe it’s just the world getting me down.

That lens flare is analog.

There will be an image for Sinful Sunday – I know roughly what it will be and I’m keen to post it, though I haven’t shot it yet. The theme is “no words” (i.e. just the image itself), which suits me fine.

badge Boobday

8 thoughts on “Boobday: quiet

    1. Thanks. I knew I’d get some kind of lens flare by pointing the camera straight at the sun, but the way it turned into such pretty rays was a bit of a surprise. I hope I stop being down soon too – it’s tiresome. Fortunately I have a couple of people who provide emotional support.


  1. Yeah another vote here for the photo – the light frames the shot – captivating…
    Less is so often much more.
    May xx


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