Boobday: mile high 4

So that play party I mentioned last week? I went, I was cute, I talked to some people, I came home. I got to bed late. Exciting, right?

A peek at my schoolgirl outfit, worn to the back-to-school themed play party.

There was someone in the community whom I had heard of through FetLife and wanted to meet and chat with, and I got the opportunity this time. He’s an old guard type. Black pants, black T-shirt, black leather vest. On the basis of how long he has been retired, I’m guessing that he’s somewhere in his 70s. Having identified me as new(ish), he proceeded to pepper me with basic advice, tactfully at least. His heart was in the right place, and it was too complicated to explain to him that I already grasped these concepts.

There was another person whom I’d met recently who identifies as a top. She does non-sexual play, including with women (she’s straight), so I considered that she might be a possible play partner and I wanted to see her in action. Though she has been quite active she is still very new (like 6 months in), and I wasn’t crazy about her style, which appeared to be, “Here, I’m going to hit you with things.” That doesn’t interest me – I think I’m after something emotional, which I can’t get from someone I don’t know well. Also, new folks have to start somewhere, of course, but for me to play with her would be the blind leading the blind. Or maybe I’ve just been spoiled by Wolf and Gawan.

I’m far away from home this week – different time zone, different climate. Today is a travel day and I hope to get another of these airborne shots, but this one is from the trip out last weekend. You can see that I’m braced against the wall: there was turbulence at the time, and actually, the seat-belt sign was on though they were still letting people use the toilet. I’m dedicated to my art, yo!boobday-mile-high-4

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Sinful Sunday: barefoot reboot

New, Oct 2016, 1/4 sec, ISO 125.

This month’s theme is “reshoot”. The original photo (my October 2015 theme photo) was taken in the evening in poor light on full auto, so it ended up grainy. I had the camera balanced on my knees and I held my breath.

I’ve since figured out how to set the ISO on my little point and shoot to avoid graininess, though I’m not sure how much sharper it actually looks online. Oh well, I can see a difference and that makes me happy. Also, I now have a full-sized tripod so I’m no longer limited floor- or furniture-height shots (or knee-height shots, for that matter).

It amused me to try to mimic the original pose, and I flipped the photo to get the mirror image without the mirror. Also, now that my hands weren’t busy with the camera they could appear in frame.

Original, Oct 2015, 1/20 sec, ISO 1600.

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