Sinful Sunday: barefoot reboot

New, Oct 2016, 1/4 sec, ISO 125.

This month’s theme is “reshoot”. The original photo (my October 2015 theme photo) was taken in the evening in poor light on full auto, so it ended up grainy. I had the camera balanced on my knees and I held my breath.

I’ve since figured out how to set the ISO on my little point and shoot to avoid graininess, though I’m not sure how much sharper it actually looks online. Oh well, I can see a difference and that makes me happy. Also, I now have a full-sized tripod so I’m no longer limited floor- or furniture-height shots (or knee-height shots, for that matter).

It amused me to try to mimic the original pose, and I flipped the photo to get the mirror image without the mirror. Also, now that my hands weren’t busy with the camera they could appear in frame.

Original, Oct 2015, 1/20 sec, ISO 1600.

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12 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: barefoot reboot

  1. I love the warm colors in your photos. The mirror image without the mirror – great concept and well-executed! You look a lot more at ease in the new photo.


    1. Thanks! It’s possible that I might in fact have been a little more relaxed, what with not having to hold my breath for the new shot, but I think the difference may be that my arms provide more context. It’s hard to extrapolate emotion from bottom, hips and feet!


  2. Yay for tripods…and for ISO for that matter. Two essential things in my world. Do you edit your images in Lightroom? Because there you can also reduce noise in your image. Also, you might want to look at setting the White Balance on your camera (although again you can adjust this in lightroom) as that will help with the yellowing caused my the light



    1. I was very pleased when I figured out that I could set ISO. For a point-and-shoot, there are plenty of elements that I can control, and I haven’t come close to exhausting the possibilities of this camera yet (though I do still want a DSLR). I’ve been editing with; my editing skills are still fairly rudimentary, though I have used it to reduce noise from time to time. I don’t recall why I didn’t reduce noise on the original – either I hadn’t figured that out yet, or the image was just too grainy to start with.

      Thanks for the suggestion re white balance – I need to figure that out. (Although in this case I didn’t mind too much because the image is fairly close to what the eye sees.)


  3. Amazing to see how your photography has progressed. I loved the first shot and would have thought it perfect – then when you show us the new one and explain the evolving of the process – even more perfect!
    This is such a fascinating prompt x


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