Boobday: parallel lines

It’s Friday again – that was quick! I’ve been a bit busy, which has meant less time for blogging. I’ve also been less keen on taking photos lately, but this last little shoot went smoothly and I had plenty of ideas for poses (not that they all worked or anything). You’ll be seeing more from this set soon.

I’m just getting back into the swing of dance classes after having the summer off, and I’m now teaching two classes instead of just the one. Dance is how my arms and shoulders (and back) stay toned, but since the break they get noodley rather quickly.

I have a busy day today: blogging, work, dance class, and a BDSM play party this evening. I’m going on my own and will consider some light pick-up play, but so far there’s no one local that I know very well so I doubt very much that play will actually happen. We shall see.


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