25 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: languid on velvet

  1. They are both beautiful. The model is beautiful, obviously, but so is the image.

    But I have a slight preference for the unfiltered version (Fig 1), mainly because of the natural and smooth light on the thigh. And the back. The filtered version is also lovely, but the filter makes the back and thigh seem almost two-tone, with some coffee and some gold. Both are beautiful colors, but the all-over colour consistency of the first image seems even better.

    Did I mention the beauty of the model and the pose? Well then, I’ll do it again.



    1. Thanks for the compliments and the thoughtful comment.

      I think I have a slight preference for Fig. 1 as well. Fig. 2 is clearly more processed, and looks more like something I’d expect to see in a magazine or ad. Which is what I’ve been taught is “good”, but it creates an emotional distance that makes it harder for me to identify with – even though it’s a picture of me.


  2. They’re both stunning! I know I’m the odd man out here, but I can’t stop staring at the second photo – I love how the outline of your body is so clearly defined by contrast – how it appears to shine.


  3. They are both beautiful but I like the first one better. The second one seems to have lost of the detail… It is maybe too smooth if you know what I mean?



  4. I haven’t read what everyone else has said, but i slightly prefer the second image. I like photos that have a bleakness to them as well as a light. And your pose, exposed ribs, long legs, rounded hips. Stunning. xx Hy


  5. Oh my goodness – these are breathtaking.
    So beautiful.
    I like the drama of the second one the best x x but only if I was in danger and *had* to choose 😊❤


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