Sinful Sunday: change of pace

badge Sinful Sunday

The theme for Sinful Sunday is “change”.

For a change, I’m posting a photo of Wolf instead of myself. Wolf hates having his photo taken but, for a change, I asked him – and he agreed.

I’ve had issues with body image. I have suffered with my own perfectionism plus a small helping of the self-criticism that is culturally mandated for girls and women. When I started posting photos for the Sinful Sunday and Boobday memes, I had no intention of changing my attitude – it didn’t even occur to me that that might happen. But change it did, and for the better.

Wolf has a general discomfort with photos of people, himself and others, arising from the fact that the image is meant to capture a moment in time but it’s always somehow unreal. The only photos of himself that he doesn’t mind are candids because he can see them as an observer rather than as a participant. Looking at a posed photo of himself inevitably reminds him of the self-consciousness he felt when the photo was taken. (Now there’s a captured memory that one can live without!) And then he just doesn’t really like how he looks. Body image can be an issue for men too.

change of pace

8 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: change of pace

  1. I think body image is an issue for a LOT of men but just isn’t talked about often in the public sphere. For the record – I think Wolf has a bangin’ body.


  2. i completely understand how he feels, i hate the moment captured frozen in time as well…but this photo you took is brilliant and i love the mirror helping us to capture both sides of him…lovely…


  3. I’m terribly self-conscious about photos, but oddly enough I am so happy that I have them…they DO capture just that moment, and having it means I can look back and recapture whatever-it-was I was feeling in that moment.

    For the record…Wolf should not be self-conscious! But, yes, many men do have body image issues too. Please thank him for sharing his image with us.


  4. I wish my partner would feature more often but he is self conscious too. Both he and Wolf have no need to feel that way, I could look at the both all day!


  5. I think body issues are hugely prevalent in both men and woman and I think much of that can be laid at the doors of main stream media and movies that continue to sell an ‘ideal’ of what is sexy and desirable.

    This is a beautiful picture and I think Wolf has a gorgeous body and is very sexy



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