Sinful Sunday: reclining nude

It’s overcast and wan, a midday twilight. The quality of light is objectively like that of the midnight sun just on the wrong side of the Arctic Circle, but the mood is bleak rather than wondrous. The air has turned chill.

Yesterday, when the light was better, I took a raft of photos but when I went to peruse my haul, I discovered that I’d forgotten to put the memory card back in. That killed my enthusiasm rather effectively. (Though if I was going to make a mistake like that, better to get it out of the way early, I suppose.)

My experiments today haven’t yielded results. I don’t feel like taking risks. I want something that works.

reclining nude

I think I need chocolate, maybe a cozy cup of hot chocolate under blankets on the couch.

badge Sinful Sunday

20 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: reclining nude

  1. Oh I have walked all the way to a location only to find I have left my camera battery in the charger at home. Soooo annoying and yes a real damper to the creative spirit.

    I love this image though, the shapes, lines and contours of your body are absolutely gorgeous


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  2. Well we had something similar this weekend, we went away with the purpose of taking lots of images and managed to leave the camera at home *sigh.

    I adore this image, the lines and you are gorgeous.


  3. Absolutely gorgeous. Terrible that the memory card was not in. The raft of pictures would give the blog world a treat. In the meantime, here we are having the hot chocolate and fire due to the Northeast flow off the Gulf of Maine.


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