Boobday: sovereignty exercises

Self-ownership (or sovereignty of the individual, individual sovereignty or individual autonomy) is the concept of property in one’s own person, expressed as the moral or natural right of a person to have bodily integrity, and be the exclusive controller of his own body and life. (Wikipedia)

A few recent events in the news relating to women’s autonomy, or rather the systematic and not-so-systematic ways it’s undermined, have me pissed off. I started writing a few words, which turned into a tip-of-the-iceberg rant in need of more research, thought, editing and time. I may write that post, but not today.

But here’s my conclusion in a nutshell: my body and my sexuality are mine, and I’ll be the one to decide what’s right for me.

I’m exploring my sexuality, and this blog is part of that process. I post nude and semi-nude photos for my own reasons. This isn’t about the male gaze – this is for my gaze and I’m allowing folks to peer over my shoulder, as it were. If anyone wants to second-guess my choices about my sexuality and my body, they can fuck right off.

You see this? All this is mine.

Boobday all this is mine

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6 thoughts on “Boobday: sovereignty exercises

      1. I mean “my body” and “my sexuality” in the broadest possible terms.

        It’s my choice how I dress and adorn myself, whether I wear makeup and if so how much. It’s my choice how I eat and whether I exercise.

        It’s my choice whether to remain single or seek a relationship, whether to marry, whether to be sexually active and if so with whom, whether I use birth control and if so what method, whether to (try to) have kids and if so how many. It’s my choice to explore and express my sexuality how I see fit, for example by posting photos of myself and writing.


  1. Your photography is always well done. You have achieved grace in your presentations that give the viewer the essence of a woman’s beauty. Even your adornments in past photos has left the viewer with their imagination to fill in the blanks.

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