Sinful Sunday: trunk show

When I take photos, I play around with poses that I hope will work out well. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. Being both the photographer and the subject, I don’t have a great deal of control when creating the image because I can’t see what the camera sees when the shutter clicks, so I don’t bother planning too much. I just collect some images to work with and see which ones, if any, appeal.

This one ended up out of focus but I loved the pose too much not to use it.

Black and white, slightly out of focus? This puts me in mind of a surveillance photo. So what was the observer looking for, and what did he see?

trunk show

A voice – belonging to the subject of interest, who remains tantalizingly out of frame: “Over the trunk now, love. There’s a good girl.”

badge Sinful Sunday

21 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: trunk show

  1. If you haven’t seen them, check out Bunny Yeager’s photo books. She is/was a 50’s – 60’s model who photographed herself, for ideas. If you enjoy Betty Page type girls, she is stereotypical of the type. I love your pictures and find they are very good.

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  2. Your process for self-portraiture is much like my own. Sometimes I get lucky, other times not so much. It’s easier when Jill is the subject, as I have a lot more control and waste far less time.

    Great shot! I definitely get a bit of a voyeuristic feeling from it. I found myself wondering about the observer until I read that last line, below the photo. Very hot!

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    1. I had imagined that the observer (photographer) was outside the building, and that the voice belonged to the subject of interest. So there would actually be three characters. Not sure if that came across in the post.


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