4 thoughts on “Boobday: periphery

  1. It could’ve been so easy just to have boob day as a selfie anywhere of your boobs. But you always incorporate it into something beautiful, something artistic and something wondrous. I always love seeing what you come up with and as I lay here in bed nude on a lovely lazy Saturday, it’s a magical sight to wake up to!

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    1. Thanks very much! I’m not known for doing things the easy way, and I’ll only post a photo if I enjoy looking at it myself, so you’re seeing the workings of my mind as much as you’re seeing my body. I appreciate your taking the time to comment. It’s nice to know that what I’m putting out into the ether is actually connecting with a real person on the other side 🙂

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      1. Well see – now that you’ve revealed its the inner workings of your mind, it’s even sexier. I should’ve picked up on that myself, given how your shots are framed so beautifully. You’re very welcome! I’m always lurking 🙂

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