TMI Tuesday: sexy


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This is my first TMI Tuesday. Today’s questions, yoinked from the TMI Tuesday blog, are as follows:

What is sexier…

1. Arms or shoulders? It’s close but I’ll go with arms, especially forearms.

2. Ass or legs? Legs. I don’t object to ass, but very few of them catch my eye.

3. Pussy or dick? Why? I don’t find the mere sight of genitals particularly sexy – it’s too obvious. But I’ll go with cock, because I’m straight.

4. Feet or hands? Why? Hands. They are expressive, and there are many, many good things that hands can do. I don’t have anything against feet, though.

5. Muscles or brains? Brains, no question. I need someone who is interesting, who I can have deep conversations with, and who has a good sense of humor.

Bonus: Do you think you’re sexy? I think being sexy is partly appearance and partly an attitude of sexual or sensual confidence. I think I’m attractive, but I don’t often feel sexy.


2 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday: sexy

  1. ❤ Okay. 1) Arms, most definitely! 2) I like a cute butt. The hubbs once described his butt to me (before I saw him) as a bubble butt. It soooo is and its freakin adorable! 3) Absolutely there are fugly ones on both sides. I'm bi but I will go with dick too. and mine is very nice (mine/his, haha) 4) Hands! I love big strong and gentle hands. Oh they exist! 5) Brains! I need someone I can talk to!
    As for if I think I am sexy? I have never felt particularly pretty but I realize I have something that draws a wide variety of mans attention. I know this because I used to be an exotic dancer and I pulled all kinds of customers! lol

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