Sinful Sunday: skirt symmetry

Sinful SundayI prefer to post new photos but occasionally that doesn’t work out. I got back from my trip with Gawan recently and found that I was too busy settling in at home to feel like doing a shoot this week, so I rifled through the unused photos file.

The image below comes from the same shoot as slinky skirt and slinky skirt, rear view. Like so many other photos of mine, in this one I’m square to the camera and the pose is symmetrical. I’m not sure why I like these elements so much – like the black and white, I suppose they speak to simplicity (which I know I like) and formality (which surprises me because the notion doesn’t ordinarily appeal).

But beyond that, the image just seemed to match my mood today. Wolf and I have been dealing with some challenges lately and today it bubbled up and overflowed. It wasn’t an argument – we don’t do arguing. But there was negativity, frustration and sadness. Awareness of problems without knowing how to begin to solve them. I shed some tears, and though we reestablished closeness and some equilibrium by the end of it, the emotional heavy lifting that I’d done left me feeling leaden.

skirt symmetry

12 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: skirt symmetry

  1. I love the simplicity of this image too and yet despite it being simple there is much to look at, the beautiful outline of your rib cage, the tight nip of your waist, the jewel nestled in your belly button, just beautiful


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  2. I hope you will find equilibrium soon. This photo is incredible, and so calming. The symmetry is wonderful but the addition of the leaves of the plant on the side really adds an element of interest/tension to the image. This could easily be blown up and hanging in a gallery.

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