Sinful Sunday: dinner date

Sinful Sunday

This month’s Sinful Sunday theme is “clothes on”.

My partner and I had been talking about dressing up and going out on a date, which is not something we ordinarily do. I wanted him to wear his new suit and he wanted me to wear my gladiators. We didn’t get around to it, and even if we had, photos would have been out of the question. So the day before the surgery, we played dress-up at home.

Imagine we’re at a nice restaurant…

dinner date 1

dinner date 2

FYI, the surgery was successful. I’ll have more to say about it shortly.

24 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: dinner date

    1. The shoes seem to be pretty popular 🙂 Ordinarily my partner loathes having his photo taken (under any circumstances), but he seems to be happier about it when he knows his face won’t be in it. We actually had fun during this shoot – a milestone!


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