Sinful Sunday: vintage + chair

Sinful Sunday

This is one of the photos I took when trying to get an image to use for last week’s vintage theme. I like the image on its own, but not so much for “vintage” – though it would have worked for July’s theme of “chair”.

I played around with the image a bit and came up with three images that I like, each for different reasons.

1. Welcome to my photo corner. I like the greenery and the wood tones (including the terracotta pot). If your eye happens to wander to the plant on the right, the windowsill will lead you back in.

vintage + chair 1
Fig. 1. original photo, unedited.

2. This is the amount of cropping that I usually start with. I like how my bum and thigh look here in black and white.

vintage + chair 2
Fig. 2. cropped, black and white.

3. I haven’t done any color editing here, just the cropping to take out as much background as possible and get rid of the overexposed bit (foot and calf).

vintage + chair 3
Fig 3. cropped.

I’m more of a details person – maybe that’s why I generally prefer a tight crop instead of a whole tableau.

Boobday: Tuareg necklace


I bought a new necklace shortly before I left the UK. It’s Tuareg, probably made in Mali or Niger. The guy I bought it from, a Brit, goes to Morocco a couple of times a year to buy stock.

necklace 1

I bought it mostly for stage, hence the size – it was the biggest pendant he had. I’ve been wearing it a lot. I think it’s pretty cool.

necklace 2


necklace 3

See who else is participating in Boobday this week.

Sinful Sunday: vintage nude postcards

Sinful Sunday

The theme for this month is “vintage/retro”. I wanted an early 1900s feel so I did a spot of research and came across The Old Pornographer, a great site full of vintage erotic photos. They inspired this shoot.

vintage 1

vintage 2

The color effect is a compromise. My inspiration photos were black and white or sepia, but when I edited my photos in that way, they still felt modern. The tint is a less literal interpretation but I think it’s more evocative of “vintage”.