Boobday: keeping it simple

I’m keeping it very simple for Boobday this week. No clothes, no jewelry, no props. Monochrome, no color editing. Just me, my bathroom mirror and a wee bit of cropping.

Boobday simple

Body image can be remarkably persistent, despite one’s actual appearance.

I have always thought of myself as small-busted, and I was always completely content with that – in fact, small was my preference. I started wearing a bra relatively late, and even in university I was comfortable without one as long as I was wearing a snug stretchy top. When I had my first (and only) professional bra fitting, I learned that I fit a B-cup. B! I had only ever worn an A up to that point.

For years, my go-to bra style has been a pullover soft bra with elastic around the ribcage and no cup size to speak of. My ribcage measurement (which is small) hasn’t really changed, and the bras have a minimizing effect, which I was totally OK with. But as a result, I didn’t really notice that my breasts had gotten a bit bigger.

And then while I was in the UK, I gained a little weight, most of which seems to have gone to my breasts. On the numbers and proportions, they are now definitely “not small”, but somehow this continues to surprise me, despite evidence such as the photo above.

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