Sinful Sunday: vintage + chair

Sinful Sunday

This is one of the photos I took when trying to get an image to use for last week’s vintage theme. I like the image on its own, but not so much for “vintage” – though it would have worked for July’s theme of “chair”.

I played around with the image a bit and came up with three images that I like, each for different reasons.

1. Welcome to my photo corner. I like the greenery and the wood tones (including the terracotta pot). If your eye happens to wander to the plant on the right, the windowsill will lead you back in.

vintage + chair 1
Fig. 1. original photo, unedited.

2. This is the amount of cropping that I usually start with. I like how my bum and thigh look here in black and white.

vintage + chair 2
Fig. 2. cropped, black and white.

3. I haven’t done any color editing here, just the cropping to take out as much background as possible and get rid of the overexposed bit (foot and calf).

vintage + chair 3
Fig 3. cropped.

I’m more of a details person – maybe that’s why I generally prefer a tight crop instead of a whole tableau.

30 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: vintage + chair

  1. If it was me I think I would have cropped the top image to take out the plant behind you so the leading line of the window sill led to you and stopped there. I do really like the tight crops of the 3rd one though, it feels more intriguing as we are forced to wonder more about what, why, where etc



  2. Beautiful images. I agree with Molly about cropping the first one just slightly…I love a line that guides the eye. The third is beautiful though. Getting to really love this chair and your style of photography. Xx

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  3. I like the details of an image and appreciate tight crops, too. I like the viewers to see what I want them to see but sometimes it is good to allow them to wander in the entirety of a full frame, as shot.

    Btw, I wouldn’t call the hot area on your foot overexposed. That is merely hot from the direct sunlight. That is very difficult to balance an exposure with direct sunlight peppering the frame. The good news is that I think it adds life to a photo. I love natural lighting over studio synthetic illumination….especially when viewing skin tones. The natural light helps to reveal body and skin contours so much more correct than electric lights.

    Well done!!!


    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Having more stuff in frame isn’t my usual approach – that’s partly practicality and partly style. But I can see the value and appeal – I shall keep it in mind.

      And yes, “overexposed” was the wrong word, but I wasn’t sure what to call it. Direct sunlight definitely has its challenges, but I’m having fun playing with it – and it’s all I’ve got! (Aside from the camera itself and basic editing software, the totality of my equipment is a tripod and remote.) Have you seen my post strong light? It’s all about direct sunlight.

      Thanks again for your comment.

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      1. Though one of my blogs possesses some photos…they are all snapshots taken with a phone’s camera vs my DSLR. I have shot commercially for advertising and marketing. I also worked for the Associated Press as a sports photog shooting NFL games. I am not anal about photography and I love seeing what people capture regardless of their skills and equipment. Some of the best, most moving and inspirng images (regardless of the photographer) were merely chanced…the right person at the right time was there taking pictures.

        I have not seen this site…thank you!

        I should add to my comments about your pics….the subject definitely MAKES the images! You are quite lovely and your experimentation with the camera and lighting is a wonderful compliment to your subject. Keep working!

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          1. Both of those are well exposed. The detail in the dark areas is quite perceivable and the hot areas are without loss. Well done. I also love your framing. Nice feel. I see that you do a lot of upper body toning!! You have lovely definition in you delts and bi/triceps. The shading and lighting captures your body contours exquisitely!

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