Sinful Sunday: vintage nude postcards

Sinful Sunday

The theme for this month is “vintage/retro”. I wanted an early 1900s feel so I did a spot of research and came across The Old Pornographer, a great site full of vintage erotic photos. They inspired this shoot.

vintage 1

vintage 2

The color effect is a compromise. My inspiration photos were black and white or sepia, but when I edited my photos in that way, they still felt modern. The tint is a less literal interpretation but I think it’s more evocative of “vintage”.

29 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: vintage nude postcards

  1. These really captured that 1800s look. The tint is wonderful, it looks hand-colored. I also adore that you seem to be sitting in front of an antique sewing machine (possibly converted to a vanity?)


  2. For me, this duo captures the nudes of early photography perfectly, not only due to the muted tones but also thanks to the soft and sensual pose.

    Seriously beautiful…


  3. Ohhh thank you for the link, what a fabulous collection of images they have. I love your shot, the second one in particular is stunning. I think the bit grain in the shot adds to the aged feel and the colours actually remind me of some of the tinted images from that site



    1. Thank you. In the first photo I reduced noise, which made it look rather smooth and slightly artificial, which I like in the context. I didn’t reduce noise in the second photo (the lacy shawl looked odd), but there the graininess feels like age, or B&W plus tint, or both. I didn’t refer to any tinted photos (the site was looking to be a time-sink!) – I went by memory and feel.


  4. The serenity in both your images make these extra special. I love vintage erotica, whether in written or visual form, and you did an amazing job emulating that style.

    Gorgeous xx


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