21 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: the curve of my shoulders

    1. Thank you. In last week’s photo, I noticed how the curve of shoulders and the top of the chair were very similar, but it was quite subtle so I wanted to make a deliberate connection between the two.

      I was very lucky that this image came out so well. I only took the one shot in this particular pose, but it’s pretty much perfectly balanced/centered. Oh, to be able to frame up a shot by eye rather than by guessing and hoping!

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    1. Thank you. I arranged the chair square with the wall and set up the camera parallel to the wall and centered on the chair back. I centered myself by feel using the arms of the chair. Somewhere in there, I pressed the button on the remote (which was on the windowsill, out of frame to the right), and then I had 3 seconds to get settled. After that, it was a generous dose of luck, enhanced with judicious cropping (I really like cropping!). In the full shot, the rest of me is less well centered.


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