Our preferred method of birth control has always been condoms: first because it worked well for a new relationship; then because I didn’t like the way the pill made me prone to yeast infections; and later because sex was so infrequent that there was no point in using any other method. We found it difficult to get through a box of 12 before they expired — 2 to 3 years later.

One time I got a checkup by a female doctor who mostly saw university-aged patients. She asked if I was sexually active and I said yes. She asked what I used for birth control and I told her condoms. She then gave me a mini-lecture about why that was not a great idea, and I told her that I was satisfied with the protection condoms provided because I had sex infrequently. When she asked why, I told her that I didn’t particularly enjoy it. Well, that was suddenly TMI, as far as she was concerned. I suppose she was expecting a medical reason, like physical discomfort, though that wasn’t the question she asked. I gave her an honest answer, her reaction was weird, and I now wonder what nerve of hers I touched.

Not long after my epiphany, my partner and I revisited the issue of birth control and decided that he would get a vasectomy. That hasn’t happened yet, for logistical reasons, so we’ll continue to use condoms for the next while.

The condoms don’t expire now. I buy boxes of 24 at the grocery store when I’m picking up fruit and milk. I stock up when they’re on sale. It’s simultaneously domestic and debauched.

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  3. Reading through only a few of your things,you seem to have had a sexy past.. Is that why you don’t enjoy sex? Does the thrill really disappear once you get past a certain age? Wonder what I have to look forward to.. I’m only 29 now.. Yikes!


    1. No, that’s not it. Sexy past or no, I was suffering from sexual shame without knowing it up until very recently. Look in the text above and you’ll see I’ve added a link to the post where I talk about my “epiphany”. It has nothing to do with a decline with age and everything to do with increased self-knowledge and the good things that flow from that.

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      1. Ah.. I’m surprised a little.. But, it looks like there are lots of people with that issue.. Looks like even living in the noughties hasn’t made sex any less shameful as everyone portrays it to be!
        Just got to do you!


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