Sinful Sunday: get a grip

Sinful Sunday

I have been at least a little self-conscious about my tum since about age 9, when I picked up on my parents’ (unfounded) concerns about their weight. And then, of course, the top-down view of one’s own body causes foreshortening and exaggerates curves.

This is probably the only photo I’ve taken so far that deliberately makes a point of emphasizing that bit of softness rather than merely ignoring it or trying to downplay it.

get a grip

Sinful Sunday is a weekly meme featuring sensual and erotic photography. Click the icon at the top of the post to go to the homepage and check out the other links.

28 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: get a grip

  1. I understand a bit. I have taken some shots that would have been great except thru make me look fat and skinny all set the same time. I usually delete but I’ve posted a few


    1. Sometimes it’s just lighting and angles and poses, and it’s OK to want a photo to be flattering. But sometimes it’s about imposing an external ideal on how we actually look, which is a recipe for self-image issues.


      1. I’ve posted one that I found unflattering because it was a good pic but there are a lot that I’ll post when hell freezes over


  2. Beautifully done image!!

    Great way to enhance something you don’t necessarily like about yourself and see it from a whole other perspective.

    xxx Miss July xxx


    1. Thanks! My weight has always been stable, so I can’t really expect to look much different than I do. And I’m not going to be motivated to diet or exercise on the basis of negative thoughts about my body. I’m working on being ambivalent about my tum 😉 If I can get there, then I’ll work on loving it. I know that at least one person already does 🙂


  3. This is so beautiful! It’s difficult, but sometimes I force myself to post photos that highlight a body area that I’m less fond of. My general feeling is if the people here are positive and accepting (which they always are) then maybe that will encourage my thoughts about myself and that particular area to shift. It’s a process 🙂


    1. The Sinful Sunday community really feels like a safe place to be vulnerable in this way, which is amazing.

      I’ve only been posting photos for a little while, and most of those have been in the last 2 months. Looking for flaws is such an ingrained habit, and yet if I want to make a beautiful image I must actively look for things that are beautiful, for a change. I think that in just this short time, I’ve already developed a more realistic body image and I feel a little more comfortable in my own skin.

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      1. Yay! Sinful Sunday is the best! I love what you said about actively looking for the beautiful. It’s so true! I sometimes have to set aside my first negative thought and try and look at my image through the sinful Sunday community’s eyes. And yes, it’s definitely helped me feel more comfortable in my own skin.

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