strong light

It tends to be dark in my place, making photography a challenge. Direct sunlight is a different sort of challenge, but one offering perhaps more opportunity.

strong light

I usually adjust the brightness and contrast a little. Not this time.

full moon

I pay attention to the phases of the moon — not for any special reason, just because the moon is beautiful.

I have a pendant that is silvery, perfectly round and slightly domed. Because it makes me think of the full moon, that’s when I prefer to wear it. It just feels right.

full moon

Fuckfest Winter 2014-15 ends with a bang!

My partner leaves the country tomorrow, so our three-month fuckfest is almost at an end.

Last night at bedtime, I reminded him of the enforced availability idea and suggested that we try it today, 8:00 to 1:00 as we had discussed before. He sounded open to the idea but said he’d think about it. (I sold it pretty hard.)

When I woke up this morning just after 8:00, I didn’t know what conclusion he had reached. I ran through a few scenarios in my mind and warmed up a bit. He woke up a few minutes later, then came over and put his head near my hand so I could stroke his hair. Then, instead of curling up with me for cuddles or chatting like we usually do, he told me to take off my nightshirt and get into position. Oh fuck, it’s on! Hot

For round 1, we did a few the newer positions in our repertoire. He called all the shots, which would be the theme of the day. We both had fun, even though he got tired and wasn’t able to come. (Sometimes pushing limits is a little too much for him and things don’t go quite as hoped, erection-wise.)

We cuddled, with him spooned behind me, and he told me what kind of clothes he wanted me to wear (i.e. accessible). While I was listing off items for his approval, he stopped me in mid-sentence and ordered me into our favorite position for round 2. He managed to come, a bit. All this before 9:00. (Our tempo is usually on the slow side, so we find fast to be new and exciting.)

We got up and had breakfast. Ordinarily, I’d catch up on the sex blogs I’m following at this point anyway, but now it was almost a duty since I was deliberately trying to keep myself warm. A little while later, he sent me into the bedroom again for round 3, which ended up being mostly oral. (Oral wasn’t on the buffet because I still have some hang-ups about it and need to proceed with care and sensitivity. But I was feeling pretty comfortable and relaxed — I suppose two fucks will do that — and decided to make it available à la carte.) He came this time too, a little. I was good and warm and needing a little resolution by this point, so I decided to take care of my end on my own. Gentleman that he is, he offered to help, so I had assistance with my orgasm even though to my mind the theme of the day is his pleasure.

After that, things cooled off for a while, and we went about our day. At lunchtime, I remembered that I needed something from the store for my lunch. He headed out to get it around 12:20 and I offered to extend the deadline beyond 1:00 so we’d have time for both the errand and another fuck. When he got back about 15 minutes later, he ordered me into the bedroom again right away for round 4. He tied my hands, stripped, and pulled my pants and thong to my knees. He immediately gave me what was probably the hardest fuck I’ve ever had, his pelvis slapping loudly against my ass, my tied hands stretched out in front of me to brace against the wall. (I was glad of the earlier orgasm and subsequent vaginal expansion — I don’t think I could have handled his entire length otherwise.) He gave me a pounding, and he came hard. With 10 minutes left on the clock!

Even though the enforced availability game is now over for the day, I’m still feeling pretty warm and wouldn’t mind another orgasm (or four) if I could manage it. So far, the plan is to play again tonight. Further updates as events warrant.