radiation and personal questions

I had a CT scan today for an issue that’s bothersome enough to try to figure out, but not the sort of thing where I expect the results to freak me out. So I was relaxed going in and just interested in the whole experience.

Superficially, the machine resembles an MRI — you lie on a narrow table and get rolled into the center of a large beige donut. It’s not magnetic though, so you don’t have to be careful about metal being sucked violently into the machine, just metal that might get in the way of the image being produced. The issue under investigation is in the area of my sinuses, so I took my earrings out ahead of time, and I took my nose ring out just before my turn. I was glad not to have to remove anything below the neck: it’s doable but it’s a bit of a hassle and I’m lazy that way.

I was given the form that is given to women of childbearing age when confronted with X-ray radiation. It asked whether I have my period (yes), when my last period started (6 days ago), whether I practice birth control (yes), and whether I had been sexually active since my last period (after dismissing the possibility that they might care about ‘self-care’, I answered a most sullen no). There were boxes to check, so I couldn’t even write “NO!” in a petulant way.

He’s been away now for a fortnight and I’ll be going to see him in 7 weeks, give or take. And climbing the walls in the interim, no doubt.

13 thoughts on “radiation and personal questions

    1. From a purely practical perspective, I can’t see how this would work: you have to be completely still. Maybe they could look at brain activity with an MRI before and after a lovely fuck, or maybe while listening to an erotica e-book (though you’d have to work hard not to let the sound of the machine kill the vibe).

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              1. I suppose. But the fun part is the people watching and listening. And think of getting out. I think of me still hard inside my partner then slowly withdrawing my head still glistening with cum. Her breasts still flushed and swollen. And the discussion following … Back to full staff. As my cum starts to drip down the inside of her thigh

                What will the researchers feel. Will they be hard? Or wet? Would they wish it were them and not us? Would the invite us back to validate? Are they staring??


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